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Top of Mind 2018: Health IT Trends

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for Top U.S. Health Systems in 2018: Health IT Trends

The Center for Connected Medicine partnered with The Health Management Academy to survey executives of leading health systems on their health information technology priorities for 2018. "Top of Mind for Top U.S. Health Systems 2018" explores five advanced health information technologies set to impact health care in 2018 and beyond:
Artificial Intelligence
Consumer-Facing Technology
Predictive Analytics
Virtual Care

The research delves into the implementation, impact and challenges in each of these areas. It pinpoints and explores anomalies. For example, health care executives recently rated A.I. as the most disruptive technology in health care – but the Top of Mind 2018 study found two-thirds of respondents said A.I. is a “low” or “very low” priority for their health systems in 2018. Yet, over 50 percent of health systems said they either already use A.I., or plan to implement A.I. solutions in their hospitals in 2018.

Download the report for a deep dive into health system perspectives on A.I., cybersecurity, consumer-facing technology, predictive analytics and virtual care and for answers to questions like these:

  • What will be the top sources of valuable patient-generated data in 2018?
  • Where has A.I. already been implemented, and where will the big additions be in 2018?
  • What percentage of health systems will be using genomic testing and data analytics for personalized care?
  • Which clinical areas already have telehealth services, and where is the focus for expansion in 2018?
  • Where will predictive analytics technologies provide the most value for health systems in 2018?
  • What are the drivers for implementing remote patient monitoring?
  • What will the acceleration rate for reimbursement of telemedicine look like in 2018?